It is a safe, economical, efficient and intelligent stretchable cover for a wide range of
containers This film combines the characteristics of the retractable and extendable thermos.
Thanks to the Special composition is endowed with elastic properties that allow cold “fit”
directly on the pallet using machines for this purpose which guarantees a perfect
resistance. This product acts as an optimal and flexible packaging solution for pallets of
Various sizes and products packed without form.



This product is ideal for large production lines because it allows significant savings, it does not
need heat for its use.
Find application in many sectors and is highly recommended for palletizing products that can not pass through the ovens for thermal shrinkage.

stretch hood
stretch hood
stretch hood
Higher speed
Lower energy consumption
Lower cost per pallet
100% polyethylene solution
High level of elastic recovery for a wide range of applications
High holding force for better load stability
Superior optical properties for easier reading of barcode
Higher performance and packaging efficiency due to the lower density of the films.
Maximum protection of the product: The load is completely protected against any external damage such as rain, sun, dirt, dust, etc. Keeping the product during your stay in indoor and outdoor stores. Important for sectors such as food and beverages.
Coated at 120 pallets per hour: Unlike other conventional systems, the Stretch Hood system is faster in the sheathing process, which speeds up the production process considerably.
Film savings up to 50%: It leads to a lower consumption of film than other lining solutions, since it is a plastic with less weight and greater stretching capacity.


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