The balance between industrial development and caring for the environment has become a
great commitment.


Being able to preserve tomorrow´s world today is one of the main priorities for all members of Poly-bel. It is for this reason, that we carry out each practice and action satisfying the present needs but with a focus on future ones.

The balance between industrial development and care for the environment has become
a great commitment, using biodegradable materials for years and promoting the recycling of polyethylene recycling.
We have a plant specialized in recycling and processing of new raw materials creating recycled plastics resistant, versatile, durable, economical and 100% recyclable. Every day, we work on implementing and strengthening a Quality Management System in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices and local and national environmental regulations.


We manufacture oxy-biodegradable polyethylene bags. These are a replacement to conventional polyethylene bags.
They receive this name due to their main characteristic, which is to oxidize and decompose in the
environment without causing impacts to the ecosystem. Its formula receives an additive that acts on the molecular structure of the bag, promoting the breakdown of carbon chains, allowing them to degrade in the presence of light, humidity, temperature, stress of the film, and the action of microorganisms. Thanks to its innovative formula, the decomposition period, unlike conventional bags that was up to 400 years, has been reduced from 1 to 6 years. This process does not produce methane gas, it degrades easily and quickly and, most importantly, it can be recycled!


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