We manufacture all our bags and plastic sheets, polyethylene or polypropylene, 100% customized in measurements and printing and in an ecological way.


We are a company founded in 1991, located in the city of Córdoba. Currently, we specialize in the manufacture of large and small flexible packaging and various types of packaging, mainly for the food industry, agriculture, supermarkets, bottling, among others.
With more than 25 years, we have high technology and qualified staff, we continue to expand the
business while still being a family business and entrepreneurship at the same time.

We work every day to ensure that each stage of the manufacturing process, from the selection of
raw materials, extrusion, printing, storage and distribution is subject to the highest levels of control. Our personalized service, after sales service and quality of our products allows us to achieve our main goal: to be a trusted provider.


“To be leaders in the National market and in all that country where the company acts, being the choice of large customers standing out for the quality of our products, the service provided and the ability to develop new products based on the needs of the market.”;


Our mission as an industrial company is the design and manufacture of bags, film and large polyethylene packagings, offering solutions to the needs of our customers and the market, adopting practices that contribute to sustainable development, using advanced technology and using continuous improvement as a tool of constant evolution.


Commitment to the client and technical advice

We support our customers with commercial and technical advice on their projects and businesses, making available our industry expertise, market knowledge and new products trend efectivizan tasks and reduce costs. The objective is always to provide an excellent advice locating the interests of the client in the first place.


We seek to continually maintain quality in everything we do, our services and processes. For the manufacture of each product we develop diverse practices that determine the excellence of our quality, constant analyzes are carried out in the plant and in our laboratory..

Thanks to the technology used, the inspection of the processes, the good manufacturing practices and the teamwork we achieved the results in an effective way.

Integrity and Transparency in our business relationships and with the community.

Loyalty, honesty, companionship and effort

We work as a team as a whole, prioritizing the needs of our colleagues as they are the source of the company´s success.

Innovation in technology and continuous improvement.

In all the processes, the products in the institutional and environmental management.

Respect for the enviroment

We constantly seek important changes in production processes, improving our products and taking care of the quality of life through biodegradable materials, proving our future projection.


Tirana 4993. Av. Circunvalación, Córdoba


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(+54) 351 466-3622


7:30 – 17:00 hs